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Oxford Inter College Cricket League

25 Overs League Fixtures/Results 2019


Date Fixture Result
May 7 Balliol v Wolfson St X Balliol (6pts) lost to Wolfson St X (22pts) by 60 runs
  St Catz v Pembroke No result received
  New v Wadham New (22pts) beat Wadham (0pts) - match conceded
  Teddy Hall v Brasenose Teddy Hall (22pts) beat Brasenose (6pts) by 3 wickets
May 14 Pembroke v Wolfson St X Pembroke (0pts) lost to Wolfson St X (22pts) - match conceded
  Balliol v New Balliol (7pts) lost to New (22pts) by 2 wickets
  Wadham v Brasenose Wadham (0pts) lost to Brasenose (22pts) - match conceded
  St Catz v Teddy Hall No result received
May 21 Wadham v Balliol Wadham (22pts) beat Balliol (0pts) - match conceded
  New v St Catz New (22pts) beat St Catz (8pts) by 7 runs
  Teddy Hall v Wolfson St X Teddy Hall (22pts) beat Wolfson St X (0pts) - match conceded
  Pembroke v Brasenose Pembroke (22pts) beat Brasenose (0pts) - match conceded
May 28 Balliol v Pembroke  
  Brasenose v St Catz  
  Teddy Hall v Wadham  
  New v Wolfson St X  
June 4 St Catz v Wadham  
  Pembroke v New  
  Brasenose v Wolfson St X  
  Balliol v Teddy Hall  
June 11 St Catz v Balliol  
  Wadham v Wolfson St X  
  Pembroke v Teddy Hall  
  New v Brasenose  
June 18 St Catz v Wolfson St X  
  Brasenose v Balliol  
  Wadham v Pembroke  
  Teddy Hall v New