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Oxford Inter College Cricket League

First XI Fixtures/Results 2017


Division 3

Date Fixture


April 26 No matches in week one  
May 3 Corpus v Teddy Hall Corpus (7pts) lost to Teddy Hall (22pts) by 1 wicket
  Lincoln v Magdalen Lincoln (7pts) lost to Magdalen (22pts) by 4 runs
  St Annes v LMH St Annes (22pts) beat LMH (0pts) - match conceded
May 10 Magdalen v Corpus Magdalen (2pts) lost to Corpus (22pts) by 10 wickets
  Lincoln v LMH Lincoln (22pts) beat LMH (0pts) - match conceded
  Teddy Hall v St Annes Teddy Hall (4pts) lost to St Annes (22pts) by 8 wickets
May 17 Corpus v LMH Corpus (11pts) v LMH (11pts) - rain, no play
  Magdalen v Teddy Hall Magdalen (11pts) v Teddy Hall (11pts) - rain, no play
  St Annes v Lincoln St Annes (11pts) v Lincoln (11pts) - rain, no play
May 24 Lincoln v Teddy Hall Lincoln (5pts) lost to Teddy Hall (22pts) by 138 runs
  LMH v Magdalen LMH (0pts) lost to Magdalen (22pts) - match conceded
  St Annes v Corpus St Annes (0pts) lost to Corpus (22pts) - match conceded
May 31 Corpus v Lincoln Corpus (22pts) beat Lincoln (3pts) by 8 wickets
  Teddy Hall v LMH Teddy Hall (22pts) beat LMH (0pts) - match conceded
  Magdalen v St Annes Magdalen (2pts) lost to St Annes (22pts) by 8 wickets


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