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Oxford Inter College Cricket League

League Rules


All matches to be played under M.C.C. laws.
All matches to start at 2:00 p.m. prompt on Wednesdays or Mondays where given. No match shall be rearranged.
Each team to provide a new ball which must be red, quartered and 5.5 oz with which to bowl their overs.
Each match shall be a maximum of 80 overs (40 overs per side).
If a side is bowled out in less than 40 overs, the side batting second shall have a maximum of 40 overs to score the runs required.
Tea will be provided and paid for by the home side and will be taken between innings, or in a low scoring match, whenever possible.
No bowler shall bowl more than 8 overs.
If a bowler is injured during an over and is unable to complete the over, another bowler shall finish the over, which will count against the second bowler.
No more than two players who play regularly for the University or the Authentics are allowed to play.
A maximum of two members of staff may play (eg. Fellow, groundsman, chef, maintenance etc).
No player shall play for more than one team in the league.
All results must be sent to Jim Head at Balliol by internal mail (which must be signed by both captains) to arrive no later than the Friday after the match. The home team is responsible and late results will incur a penalty of five points deducted. Results will be accepted by email to Jim Head, but must come from both captains and include all of the relevant information necessary to allocate points correctly. A results form can be downloaded from this link result sheet
The league secretary will make all decisions with regard to the interpretation of these rules.
No match is to be re arranged and must be played on the day given.
Div 1 matches are  40 overs per side and the overs can only be reduced in the event of rain stopping play
Div 2 matches are 40 overs per side but can be reduced by mutual agreement between captains to 30 overs per side 6 overs per bowler maximum
Div 3 matches are 40 over per side but can be reduced by mutual agreement between captains to 25 overs per side 5 overs per bowler maximum
Second team fixtures are 25 overs per side, latest start time 5:00 pm
If rain stops play one over from each innings shall be deducted for every five minutes or part thereof lost to rain. ie Players leave the field for rain they return after 10 minutes 10 divided by 6 = 1.4 = 2overs from each innings 80 overs now becomes 76 overs 38 overs per innings.
All late results will incur a 5.00 fine, to be imposed on both captains, ie results not sent by 12.00 midnight on the Friday of the week the match was due to be played including rained off and conceded matches.
Click here to see how points are allocated