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Oxford Inter College Cricket League


Points Allocation

The game is a straight win/lose result

22 points for a win (11 points for Second XI games). The losing side only receives bonus points as follows.

1 bonus point for every 25 runs scored over 75 up to 200 (6 batting points available)

1 bonus point for taking wickets 1,3,5,7,9, plus 1 for 10th wicket (6 bowling points available)

NB if a side has less than 11 players and is bowled out 6 points will be awarded

If the scores are tied each team shall receive 8 points plus their bonus points for batting and bowling

Wet Weather

If a match is called off due to unfit ground or weather each side shall receive11points.


If any match is interrupted by rain, 1 over will be deducted from each teams overs for every 5 minutes lost from the team batting first.

The number of overs in any game can only be reduced for time previously lost. 20 overs is the minimum number of overs for a match result. If the match is delayed from the start and more than 1 hour and forty minutes are lost, the match shall be abandoned. The side batting second shall receive the same amount of overs as the team batting first. If rain interrupts the second innings and the overs cannot be completed by 8.30pm the match shall be abandoned.


If a team cancels a match for any reason other than the weather or without prior permission of the league organiser, they will forfeit 22 points to the opposing team excepting any occasion when all other games in the division are cancelled due to the weather. In this instance they will forfeit 11pts.


All results should be signed by both captains and sent to JIM HEAD at Balliol by the home side to arrive no later than 2days after the match.  Late results are subject to 5 points deduction from the home side.

Fair Play

Any complaints received by the league organiser with regard to the behaviour of any team or individual will be referred to the Dean of that particular college.


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